Why Awen Collaborative?

The name of the business is Awen Collaborative, and it’s built around the ideas of inspiration, mutuality, and blessing. Awen is the Welsh word for inspiration and was used by the early Christians to describe the Spirit’s work. We chose the word collaboration to express the mutual nature of each project. We are developing ways to work together that are collaborative rather than exploitative, including developing some unique economic models that provide incentives collaborate between multiple creatives on each project.

We firmly believe that each person is created and gifted by God to do good works He has prepared in advance for them to do. When people are practicing their gifts they will be drawn ever closer to God and experience him more, even though they may not recognize it yet. We have a number of ideas about how these ideas might be expressed, but the first one is Peregrini Press.

Peregrini Press is the publishing arm of Awen Collaborative, devoted to the creation of books and resources that add to the conversation about the Mission of God in our world. We have already published several books with more books in the pipeline.

We anticipate more creative endeavors will be forthcoming. We’re just waiting on Awen to strike again…

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